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About Us

How W&S Dredge Manufacturer Became What it is Today...


Thomas L. Stojsik, the former owner of W&S Dredge Manufacturer, founded the company in 1967. He began his venture when he learned that a piece of property in Mt. Clemens, Michigan required dredging to improve its overall condition. Mr. Stojsik decided to build his own dredge for the project and one year later he sold the dredge for profit. After the sale, he went on to build another unit, thus the creation of W&S.

When Mr. Stojsik decided to retire in 2006, he thought he would offer the company to DSC/BDI before putting it on the market. After careful consideration, the owners of BDI decided to proceed with the business acquisition. BDI believed that by purchasing W&S they could better define their niche in the mechanical dredge market.

Over the years, W&S has built several dredges ranging in size from 4” to 12”. Design and component quality has drastically improved as technology has advanced and the company has become more experienced. Since their inception, W&S has gained respect and has become known as an innovative leader throughout the industry.


Greenbush, Michigan is about 200 miles north of Detroit on the shores of Lake Huron. The main reason for maintaining our manufacturing facility in this area is the ready reservoir of skilled and loyal workmen, along with a tranquil and uncluttered way of life. Visit our Contact Us page for more infomation about our exact location.

W&S's manufacturing complex encompasses 12,000 square feet of work area under roof and is housed on 27 acres, allowing a wide area of outdoor manufacturing space and storage of stock dredges.


Rose Koenig, General Manager

Rose first became employed with W&S in 1974-1975 for a period of nine months before moving on to a State of Michigan job opportunity.  In 1987, Rose returned to W&S performing the duty of Secretary, and advancing to Office Manager/Bookkeeper within two months.  After the acquisition of W&S by Better Dredges, Inc. in 2006, Rose advanced to the position of General Manager, maintaining operations of W&S dredge production schedules and financial obligations.

Jack Ballor, Shop Foreman

Jack started manufacturing hydraulic cutterhead dredges from custom and standard specifications in 1981.  In 2006 when BDI acquired W&S, Jack was promoted to Shop Foreman.  Jack has 28 years of experience in dredge and component fabrication.  He loves the challenge of building to specification without complications, and takes pride in manufacturing a good quality product.  Jack has overcome challenges in fabricating a dredge to fit inside a cargo airplane and a 40’ standard container for transportation.

Office and Shop Personnel

W&S employs 10 additional staff members at the Michigan factory, one office personnel in Purchasing & Receiving and nine Shop Fabricators.  Combined years of service contribute to our excellence in W&S dredge fabrication, as most have been employed with W&S 12+ years.  W&S takes pride in the manufacturing quality of our 10-inch Wolverine Class and 8-inch Badger Class Cutterhead Dredges.